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Leverage the mortality mindset.

keep going

Keep Going

Unless you’re completely deluded or hiding under a rock,…
The Mortality Mindset

The Mortality Mindset

What new things do you have in mind for this new year? Maybe…
Forward Pioneer

Forward, Pioneer!

What comes to mind when you hear the word “frontier?”…
The Serendipity Strategy

The Serendipity Strategy

Serendipity. According to the Oxford Languages Dictionary,…
what do you do

What Do You Do?

“What do you do?” We’re all familiar with this…
what do you need to let go of

What Do You Need to Let Go Of?

What do you need to let go of? It’s an easy question…
have time or time will have you

Have Time or Time Will Have You

This episode is a wake-up call, a call to get back in the…
how to make the most of today

How to Make the Most of Today

How do we make the most of today? This episode is short…

No Time Like the Present

Are you giving the things that matter most the attention…
Boy playing in snow.

Seize the Offensive

Have you ever frozen in the face of fear? Have you ever dreaded the prospect of the day ahead or a difficult conversation you have to have?
Growing out of a sidewalk crack.

How Death is Bringing Me to Life

Can the Mortality Mindset actually change your life? If my life is any indication, then the answer is a resounding yes.
Baby smiling.

Think Well of Yourself

It’s no small feat to consistently think well of yourself--to regard yourself with warmth and compassion and respect, the same way you would regard someone else you care about.
Man holding globe in his hands.

How to Change the World

An Antidote to Apathy and Despair in an Age of Doom and Gloom NOTE:…
Dad and son on scooter.

Dare to Play More

An elderly man once spoke those words to a client of mine. The man was obviously saying a lot in that one statement as he reflected back on his life. But at least one of the things he was acknowledging is that he didn’t enjoy himself as much as he could have when he was still able to do the things he enjoyed. What a bitter realization!
Man pushing an elephant uphill.

Breaking the Stuckness Stalemate

A Path to Transformation NOTE: This post originally appeared…
Fish in pond.

The Global Fish Pond Crisis

This episode is a little different. I’m going to throw out a theory I’ve been chewing on for a while to see how it lands for you. If I’m at all on the mark with my theory, then you and I are in the midst of a global identity crisis with huge individual implications.
Personal owners manual.

Build Your Personal Owner’s Manual

What kind of human are you, and how do you know? Who were you MADE to be, and what kind of life were you MADE to live? These can feel like big, daunting questions.

Reimagining Productivity: A Path to Greater Freedom and Fulfillment

NOTE: This post originally appeared as an episode on my podcast,…
Quote bubbles on blocks.

How’s the Conversation Going? Improving Your Most Important Relationships One Conversation at a Time

Some of the deepest regrets people experience come from wishing they’d never said that thing or had been brave enough to say another thing.
View from the cockpit.

The Cockpit is Yours: From Passenger to Pilot

On the flight path of your life, what keeps you from reaching your desired destination most often? There’s one culprit that all of us can relate to in one way or another at one time or another. And it’s time to deal with it.
Elephant balancing on a beach ball.

Busting the “Balance” Myth: A Better Way

If you’re looking for more “balance” in your life, then I’m sorry to say that you’ve come to the wrong place.
Lightbulbs on a chalkboard.

The Question That Changes Everything: The Go-to Tool for Living the Life You Were Made to Live

What if one question could revolutionize your life right now? Keep reading to see if I’m full of it or if there’s really something useful here.
Little boy in a toy plane.

Dare to Dream Again: The Antidote to a Mediocre Life

I’m 46, and I feel amazed sometimes that I’m still learning some of life’s most basic lessons. Have you ever felt amazed at that?
Building architectural plans.

Life is a House With Many Rooms: Would Your House Pass Inspection?

If the Life Inspector (I’m sure it’s a thing!) stopped by unannounced today, would the house you’re building with your life pass inspection?
Man sailing a boat.

For Life & Leadership: If You’re Uncomfortable, Good; Get Used to It!

This is Part 4 of a four-part series. These navigational aids have helped me find “the way forward,” and I hope they help you, too.
Man crossing a bridge in a storm.

For Life & Leadership: If You’re Scared, Practice Being Brave

This is Part 3 of a four-part series. These navigational aids have helped me find “the way forward,” and I hope they help you, too.
Ripe grapes on a vine.

For Life & Leadership: The Prison of Plenty

One of the tragedies of poverty is untapped human potential. Ironically, one of the tragedies of plenty is also untapped human potential.
Moss growing on a stone.

For Life & Leadership: If You’re Stuck, Get Moving

This is Part 2 of a four-part series. These navigational aids have helped me find the way forward, and I hope they help you, too.
Desert highway.

For Life and Leadership: If You Want to Change, Find Your “Why”

This is Part 1 of a four-part series. These navigational aids have helped me find “the way forward,” and I hope they help you, too.
Looking a the city through a pair of glasses.

For Life and Leadership: You See It This Way, Too, Right?

Whether or not we need literal glasses, each of us nonetheless views ourselves, others, the world, and life in general through a unique set of lenses.
Suspension bridge.

For Life and Leadership: 3 Ways to Manage Tension More Effectively

Life and leadership present us with the need to move over gaps big and small. We become both bridge-builder and bridge-tender.