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Build the life you want, while you still can.

Fulfill your destiny and die with no regrets.

What is the Graveyard Group Mastermind?

The Graveyard Group is your confidential board of advisors, with whom you meet regularly to give the things that matter most the attention they deserve – before it’s too late.

We call them Graveyard Groups because you tap into the power of your Mortality to motivate you to live with guts, gusto, and abandon – now.

If conscious confrontation with your Mortality is the secret sauce, then courageous collaboration with your fellow group members is where the magic happens. Break free from the status quo, become the person you were made to be, and live the life you were made to live.

You are going to die, but you’re not dead yet.

Many of us are strolling down a path of mediocrity and unfulfilled potential toward a deathbed of regrets. The status quo has lulled us to sleep.

Wake up!

You’ve only got one life. Don’t waste it just wondering if there’s more, and don’t wait until a crisis hits to start making the changes you want to make.

With the confidential support of your Graveyard Group mastermind, decide what you really want, and go after it with everything you’ve got.

  • Forge transformational relationships with a confidential board of advisors
  • Solve your toughest challenges
  • Pursue your biggest dreams
  • Become the person you were made to be
  • Live the life you were made to live

Start creating your best life now.

Weekly 90-minute Meetings

Except for seasonal pauses for reflection and refreshment, you meet weekly with five other group members and your coach in a rotating “hot seat” format.

You’ll tackle your toughest challenges, pursue your biggest dreams, and give the things that matter most the attention they deserve.

Separate Groups for Men and Women

Groups are gender-specific, with facilitators of the same gender. You can be confident that you’ll be heard by those best equipped to understand.

In-person & virtual group options available

Whether you’re local to a coach or miles away, we’ve got a Graveyard Group for you.

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“An Exceptional Experience”

I was a member of a Graveyard Group for 3 and a half years and would say that the Graveyard Group is THE SINGLE MOST IMPACTFUL group that I have ever been a part of. The structure is tight and forces us into strong conversations about things that truly MATTER in our lives. Members are encouraged to “go deep” and man, do we. I have never before had such rare and meaningful conversations that turned into actions that I’ve been held accountable for week after week. It’s an exceptional experience.

Andrew is a masterful facilitator who is able to intuitively help us get to the “real” issues and keep us engaged on the real work of living our best lives.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Graveyard Group at nearly any investment level.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You avoid that issue with your spouse or partner, and it’s quietly strangling your relationship.​
  • You keep that big idea at arm’s length because it feels too risky.
  • You’ll prioritize your health “later” when things are “less busy.”
  • You’re in over your head in your new “dream job” and need help to get above water again.​​
  • You’ll start spending quality time with your kids once this work project wraps up. Okay, after the next one wraps up.​
  • You’ve been “successful” according to some of the conventional metrics, but it never feels like enough.
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“Tomorrow” never comes. Now’s the time to live your life with guts, gusto, & abandon.

Meet Your Coaches

Andrew Petty Coach.

Andrew Petty

In my early 20s, I was in the grips of debilitating anxiety.

I felt like a time bomb, physically and emotionally – confident that a catastrophic health event would end my life.

Almost twenty years later, my brother-in-law got a bleak cancer diagnosis. He was 36, with a wife and three beautiful kids.

I had let myself go over the years – conceding my health in my battle with anxiety. Then, as I saw my brother-in-law wage a life-and-death struggle, I realized I wasn’t doing my part to stay on the planet with my wife and boys as long as possible.

I went from neglecting my physical well-being to fit and healthy again within a year. My confrontation with Mortality whipped my butt into shape.

There’s a lot more to the story. But long story short, my encounter with Mortality ultimately led me to launch my one-on-one coaching, Graveyard Groups, and podcast to help you become the person you were made to be and live the life you were made to live—with guts, gusto, and abandon!

Beth Romano, Coach.

Beth Romano

I love helping others increase their personal awareness so they can live their best life.

After talking to Andrew and learning more about his men’s Graveyard Groups, I knew I had to start a Graveyard Group for women! It spurred my passion for helping all of us live our best life with no regrets.

After over 20 years of experience working as a leadership coach and organizational effectiveness manager inside Fortune 100 companies like Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, I started my own company, Unlimited Potential, in 2004.

Unlimited Potential’s primary focus areas are personal awareness and creating environments that support people to be their best! I use one-on-one coaching, advisory groups, and horses (yep!) to stimulate personal awareness in a group setting.

I grew up in New Jersey, and today I live in Colorado with my husband and our two rescue pups. We love playing in the great outdoors and also enjoy spending time with our two young grandsons.

I am thrilled to be starting the first-ever Graveyard Group for women. And I look forward to partnering with you to help you become the person you were made to be and live the life you were made to live with guts, gusto, and abandon!

It wasn’t always easy to want to dissect the things in my life that were posing the biggest challenges for me, but doing so in front of and alongside a group of women whom I learned to trust, was life-changing. Every woman brought a different perspective and there was an open atmosphere that allowed for each voice to be heard and pondered.

I learned a lot about myself and others and I feel like, at the end of six months, I had a greater understanding (and tools) for how I wanted to live my life… face my fears, embrace my weirdness, have hard but necessary conversations, invest more energy into my family, passions and relationships and less energy into distractions.



Once a Week

12-month Initial Commitment

The time investment is an important ingredient in the power of The Graveyard Group experience.

Weekly frequency means you’re in the hot seat every 6-8 weeks – enough time to act on your previous hot seat takeaways, yet, not so often that it becomes overwhelming.

The 12-month commitment gives you time to develop the trust and camaraderie essential for tackling life’s biggest issues.


$6000 per year

This investment secures your own confidential advisory board of five other people to help you fulfill your destiny and die with no regrets.

You’ll join an exclusive group of men or women who are embracing their mortality and living life with guts, gusto, and abandon.

Unlock your unique path forward.

Take the first steps today.

Schedule your free session

We’ll get to know each other and I’ll help you determine a few critical next steps.

Make a Plan to move forward

We’ll build a custom plan for you that keeps you moving toward your ideal life.

Get after it!

Live your one and only life with guts, gusto and abandon!